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Emily Rogers

Creative Chika

Emily Rogers is Lux's resident "Creative Chika" bolstering the graphic design, video, and animation skills of Lux by at least 100-fold.

She is a storyteller at heart and started her career in TV/Radio journalism then lost her soul to the entertainment television industry. After working HGTV's My First Place, she wanted a more hands-on chance to do all aspects of story telling, including shooting, editing, writing, and especially designing and animating. 

Emily came to Lux Creative after working with Compassion International's internal communications department. There she helped leadership communicate to the organization worldwide - through graphic design, communication strategy, and traveling the world shooting video of heroes in the field. 

Emily lives with her best friend, who happens to also be her mom, and their fabulous roommate Lauren. She coaches figure skating and under Scott and Chris' influence, has decided to take up dirt biking…much to the chagrin of her family.