Lux Creative

Why Lux Creative?

Most people give a big ‘what we do’ question followed by a ‘how we do it’ statement. Well, we are not most people and if what we do is not already obvious then we have presented ourselves poorly and it would probably be a good idea for you to hire another creative agency.

So if you are asking ‘Why Lux Creative?’ here are some principles we live by:

Deadlines are not "rules." They are set for a reason and meant to be kept, not broken. We meet deadlines.

Budgets are established to make companies profitable. We have to work within budgets too. We are not budget-busters.

All successful relationships are built on communication. We understand that even though we may know, believe, or think something, if its not ‘spoken,’ you won’t know it. We promise to communicate often and to communicate well.

We do creativity well. If we hit deadlines, budgets, and communicate effectively but do terrible work – we have failed. Our work exudes excellence.

We are fun people. Since we invest so much of our time in our work, we only hire people we truly enjoy being around. We believe that fun will transfer to you as well. We make playing with fonts fun.

Less truly is more. We believe in simplicity.