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Why buy trans-fat laced, processed food from the grocery store when you can get fresh fruits and veggies from a farmer's market? Lux Creative is staffed by local farmers and ranchers who have organically hosted farmer's markets out of the backs of quintessential farm trucks for years. When it comes to farmer's marketing, nobody does it like Lux. 

Hold up. 

Okay, just got word from the higher-ups and apparently Lux does not, in fact, host farmer's markets. By marketing, they meant services like:

Marketplace assessment, Strategy development, Creative and technical copywriting, Design, web, and video production services, Social media voice platforms, Content dredging for CMS service, and Custom publishing services (digital and traditional) 

Lux Creative is proud to be trusted with several full-service agency relationships. From concepting, writing and implementing full marketing campaigns to creating a small ad series, we love the opportunity to help an organization grow. The details of a full-service agency relationship are far too numerous to discuss here. 

Heck, we might even put on a farmer's market for you...